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Our Covid 19 Safe Cleaning Policy

I understand that although we are open for business some customers may still be feeling apprehensive of having people working in their home.

I will personally ensure, following all government guidelines, that whilst working in your homes both my customers and my own safety are treated as absolute priority.

To reassure all of our customers please see below our Safe Cleaning Policy, which will be adhered to on every visit to ensure that we create a safe working environment.

  • As is normal for all bookings you will receive a text 24 hours before your appointment confirming my time of arrival
  • It is essential if anyone is or has been self isolating in the last three weeks in your household that you make me aware at least 24 hours before your clean
  • On arrival I will ring/knock on your door and stand two metres back allowing you to answer safely
  • I will be wearing protective gloves and facemask throughout your appointment, if you would also like me to wear protective over shoes, please request this when I arrive
  • On arrival please let me know the best outside access to your kitchen, if it is possible to use a back door this may be easier and minimise me walking through your house. As some work is completed at the van I will need to be in and out of the property.
  • I would ask you to leave all doors that access through to your kitchen open to minimise me having to touch handles/open doors
  • Keeping a two metre distance where ever possible I would ask you to initially show me through to the kitchen and to your appliances to be cleaned. I will complete a quick check of the appliances, explain the job and give you an estimation of the time to complete the clean
  • I would ask that we keep two metres between us at all times
  • I will complete the clean asking you to leave the kitchen and occupy another room whilst I complete your job. I would ask that all members of your household to also refrain from entering the kitchen
  • Where possible I would ask that the kitchen is ventilated with windows left open whilst I work
  • On completion of your clean I will notify you and allow you to inspect the job to ensure you are happy
  • All areas , surfaces where I have worked/been in contact with will be wiped over/disinfected
  • Where possible I will operate a paper free visit. Payment will be card only, no cash please, Invoices will be sent electronically.

Please also be advised

  • I will be using the Track and Trace NHS app (as soon as it is available) to ensure I am symptom free
  • No cleaning material used on surfaces will be transferred from another job, i.e. fresh cloths etc will be used on every job
  • I will be wearing a fresh work top on every appointment (changed between jobs)
  • I am happy to work in your property alone if you would rather be out of the house whilst I complete your job
  • This policy was completed 13th May 2020 and will be updated following any significant changes to government guidelines

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding

“Professional Oven Cleaning With A Conscience”

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